Exact- Stone: A new vision revealed

Exact-Stone can lay out 400 square metres of paving a day, compared to the 75 to 100 square metres which could be done by hand

Block paving (also known as brick paving) is an alternative to an asphalt road. It’s typically used for aesthetic purposes on roads where traffic is relatively slow. Unfortunately, the process of laying these roads is manually intensive and can by quite harsh on one’s back and knees. Exact Services sought to address this issue with their Exact-Stone brick-laying machine.


The Exact-Stone is not automatic and still requires workers (2-3) to ‘feed’ the bricks, however their position is now upright and the actual laying of bricks is much more efficient, with the company claiming a team can lay about 300 square meters (3,230 sq ft) of brick road a day.

The machine can also lay various interlocking patterns simultaneously up to six meters wide (20 ft). The machine is simple to operate with virtually no mechanical/moving parts. The machine is electric drive reducing noise as well.

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Grand opening of Exact Services’s new office in Park View

Exact Services is celebrating the opening of its new head office in Park View Estate as part of their expansion in Lagos.

Having established a presence in Creek Road, Apapa years ago, the move signals Exact Services’s continued commitment to supporting the growth and investment currently taking place in the region.

A grand opening event was held on 2 August for key clients and business leaders from the Ikoyi region, who celebrated the occasion with Exact Services staff and members of the Board.

We would like to acknowledge our clients and partners, and all of our staff, for their support and enthusiasm over the years. It is wonderful to have this opportunity to celebrate with them on this special occasion, marking yet another milestone for Exact Services.


Exact Services has been awarded the EPC contract

Exact Services has signed a contract with CDC Ent. a Nigerian-based company, in a Consortium Partnership with Excel Capital Limited on 11 September 2015 for the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPC) of a Combined Heat and Power Plant.

The Plant will export 220 MWe to the regio grid and will produce 160 MWt for 60% demand of the region heating water Construction works will commence on December 2015 and the project is targeted to achieve COD on February 2016.