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Our project experience covers the entire scope of engineering, management and specialist technical services for public and private sector clients. We work on meaningful projects that are interesting and challenging while also benefitting the communities in which we work. Our client centric business model gives us the agility to deliver the full range of our services, with project work in several industries. Our knowledge sharing group foster collaboration, ensuring our teams stay abreast of world class best practice.

NPA Maintenance Project

NPA Maintenance Contract for 15 numbers of Generating Sets. Kirikiri Terminal (Phase I & II). Support and Benefits include:

  • Cost effective maintenance for many systems.
  • Maintenance schedules leading to high system reliability.
  • 24 hour support providing a fast resolution of problems.
  • Operational awareness resulting in maintenance tailored to specific requirements.
  • System conditioning monitoring tools leading to the identification and repair of defective components prior to failure.
  • Specialist engineers qualified to resolve complex problems on site.
  • Professional management tools resulting in effective scheduling and customer satisfaction.

NPA Maintenance for Heavy Duty Generating Set

NPA Maintenance Contract for 13 numbers of heavy duty Generating Sets.

General Rust Proofing and Weatherproofing Project

Retainership Maintenance and general rust proofing and Weatherproofing of structures

N.A.A. Weatherproofing and Maintenance Project

N.A.A. Weatherproofing and Maintenance Works at various office installations at Lagos, PH and Kaduna

N.I.T.E.L Weatherproofing and Maintenance Project

N.I.T.E.L  Weatherproofing and Maintenance Lagos/Port Harcourt works at various office complex workshops.

NEPA Weatherproofing and Maintenance Project

NEPA Weatherproofing and Maintenance, Ijora Power Station. Works at various office complex

Mobil House Weatherproofing works

Mobil House Weatherproofing works

NPA Main Power Substation Project

NPA Main Power Substation: Replacement of matching currents Transformers for 33/11kv bus bar system

NPA Re-roofing Project

Re-roofing of the 33/11kV Switch Room

NPA Maintenance Contract

NPA Maintenance Contract for 3 numbers of heavy duty Generating Sets.

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