Our experienced engineers have a range of expertise and unparalleled experience across a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines. Find out how we have provided solutions to a diverse range of engineering briefs.

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Our capabilities span electrical and mechanical services such as providing technology and lighting solutions, to hydraulic services, sustainability advice, security consulting, building upgrades or complex electrical generation and distribution systems associated with major developments and infrastructure projects.

Exact Services provides expertise embracing the full range of electrical engineering services. In particular, we deliver a wide range of support services to the public and private industry, and have proven capabilities across all aspects of project management, power generation, power systems, control systems, automation, plant integrity and operations support.

The in-house expertise on hand at Exact Services is suited to take a project from its initial feasibility stage through its design, construction, commissioning and client hand-over stages to the plant maintenance phase, where we can also assist with planned maintenance procedures.

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EXACT Services Limited provides a full range of Air Conditioning Servicing, ventilation servicing and maintenance options to meet your exact requirements.  Our pleasure is to keep your Air Conditioning system running at peak efficiency all year while we carry out professional Hi-tech servicing on all AC brands including but not limited to Mitsubishi, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Sanyo and Hitachi. Our survey request can be filled and we are just a phone call away from you.  Once agreed, our team of Engineers will visit your site and immediately carry out an assessment that is anchored on international best practices and standards while ensuring that the servicing in question is done in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Therefore, keeping  your system running with regular (frequency set to requirement) service from Exact Services Limited, reduce the risk of faults and damage and keep your system cooling all year round. Serving as one of the leading Air conditioning companies in Nigeria, we are always willing to go an extra mile in order to make sure that you get the best services that are of equal value to the money you spend. Apart from the fact that we complete work within the agreed period of time [in some cases even before], our services are also very affordable.

What happens during your service?

  • Full system inspection (check list)
  • Pressure check
  • Electrical test
  • Full system clean and disinfect coils
  • Functionality test
  • Provide paperwork to record service history
  • Update F gas log book where applicable


  • Reduced risk of breakdown
  • Maintain efficiency of system
  • Reduced annual energy costs
  • Improved air quality and hygiene
  • Health and safety compliant


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Civil and structural engineering is the backbone of our business. Exact Services has a dynamic and client-focused approach to providing a full range of innovative civil and structural solutions that encompass all building, construction, infrastructure and technology environments.

The depth of expertise ensures our ability to deliver specialist knowledge and capability to a diverse range of clients while offering exceptional, result and relationship-driven service every time.

Exact Services has the depth and breadth of civil engineering expertise necessary to customize solutions for specific projects, irrespective of scope or size.

Our dedicated teams comprise experienced professionals delivering integrated service across a wide range of disciplines including construction, grading and drainage, street and roadway design, permitting, sustainable or low-impact design, utility coordination and more.

We provide advice, leadership, attention to detail and the innovation you need to complete your project on time, within budget and without compromise.

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Operating with an active close-knit global network and supported by renowned and established industrial product manufacturers globally, subsidiaries and agencies, clients can leverage on our industry network and experience for the most cost-effective technical advice for the procurement of specialized onshore/ offshore equipment, systems and construction materials.

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For several years, Exact Services has served oil and gas clients ranging from corporations to local, specialized companies. We have provided solutions that address upstream, midstream and downstream delivery challenges.

Our team comprises experts in geology, geophysics, business and risk management, health and safety, engineering, permitting, natural resource management, remediation and toxicology and environmental risk assessment.

Exact Services professionals know how to best meet your technical needs and understand the context in which you operate – often under intense public scrutiny. We know how to effectively engage stakeholders, meet rigorous regulations and deliver strategic solutions that meet short- and long-term needs.

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We deliver environmental management solutions to public and private clients across a wide range of industries. Our integrated services include water resources management, natural resource management, environmental permitting and compliance, and environmental liability management.

We perform ecological screenings to determine what resources are present, develop plans to protect onsite resources and maintain their function and aesthetics, and create restoration plans that restore natural resources to their full function.

We develop cost-efficient solutions that meet regulatory requirements and uphold client objectives. Our staff provides expertise in environmental sciences, engineering, economics, regulatory compliance, and litigation, and our multifaceted approach allows us to identify alternatives that bring real value to your operations and the environment.
We serve public and private clients across a wide range of industries and can deliver high profile projects using environmental experience, strategic planning and sustainable solutions.

Our goal is our clients’ goal: sustainable environmental solutions to shape the future.

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Since our inception, Exact Services has been providing high quality information technology (IT) solutions to clients operating in both government and business sectors. Our goal is to meet our client’s business and organizational objectives with the help of easy-to-use, feature-rich IT solutions. We offer the following IT services:

  • Software Solutions
  • Security Engineering
  • Cloud Computing
  • Strategic Business Services
  • IT Service Management

Whether it comes to the development and installation of applications, or designing entire computer networks and information databases, our professionals utilize their expertise and experience to Visualize IT and See IT Through, ensuring that tasks are performed the right way on the first attempt.