Sustainability at EXACT SERVICES

At EXACT SERVICES, sustainability is the “right thing to do” and is an important part of EXACT SERVICES’s culture and values. We pride ourselves not only on offering our clients innovative sustainability services, but also on integrating sustainability into every aspect of how we conduct our own business. It’s how we best show that we “walk the talk.”

EXACT SERVICES’s Sustainability Goals:

  1. Incorporate Sustainability in Everything We Do. Sustainability is incorporated into all aspects of the company–our operations, offices, project execution, and client services.
  2. Partner with Stakeholders and the Community. We seek opportunities to partner with our clients, teaming partners, and communities to implement sustainable solutions, community redevelopment, and improvements to the human condition.
  3. Empower Our Employees. Employees are provided opportunities and encouraged to participate in community partnering events that create a sustainable impact for our clients, families, and communities.

Applying sustainability principles to all aspects of our operations provides us with hands-on experience in addressing implementation obstacles that we can then ensure don’t occur with our clients.

  • Sustainable Offices 
    Sustainability is integrated into office operations, with measured, demonstrable savings in a major resource area.
  • Sustainable Operations
    Employees are involved in helping to implement sustainability, with budget and management support to do so.
  • Sustainable Projects
    Sustainability elements have been integrated into the project, with demonstrable savings in a major resource area.
  • Making a Difference
    Employees are making a difference through ongoing community partnering, including stakeholders, community, and/or clients.

EXACT SERVICES’s internal sustainability efforts continue to grow and evolve, reflecting not only our commitment to sustainability, but also our belief in the value of innovation and continuous improvement.  Our goal is to ensure that we integrate the principles of sustainability into every aspect of our business, with benefits that accrue to our company, employees, clients, the environment, and the communities in which we work and live